What stands behind “Hello, it’s me”?

Adele is one of the greatest singers the music industry has ever had. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer-songwriter who has won 15 Grammys (out of 18 nominations)! Her music is famous for its uniqueness, while her lyrics are rich and deep. As a fan of Adele and music analytics in general, I couldn’t miss this opportunity of analyzing the singer’s lyrics with the help of text analysis tools in R.

The focus of this analysis are three albums, which Adele produced throughout her career (let’s hope that the fourth one is coming soon). …

How to predict a top hit on Billboard Hot 100?

After performing the explorative analysis on Billboard data https://vladyslavkushnir.medium.com/billboard-data-analysis-1958-2019-part-1-3afd4371627c, I got really excited about deriving some analytical insights based on this data. Therefore, for the data analysis part the merged dataset (Billboard Hot 100 and Spotify song features) will be used again.


After data wrangling different supervised learning models are employed to determine the top hit on Billboard Hot 100. The models used in this article are: logistic regresssion, stepwise logistic regression, classification tree, random forest and KNN model. Finally, the accuracy of models in predicting top hits is compared to select the most precise model.

Loading packages

As usual, we begin…

Which insights does Billboard data hide?

Music is an integral part of our everyday life. Given the growth of the music market and its datafication, the music industry represents a lot of data opportunities to work with. Based on this dataset in Part 1 I want to investigate various music characteristics of Billboard tracks via explorative analysis. The goal of this analysis is to provide music industry players with important insights on successful songs that made it to Weekly Hot 100 singles chart by Billboard between 1958 and 2019 as well as highlight some general trends and patterns on Billboad Hot 100 over years.

For the…

Power of Spotify API in R based on the analysis of Lorde’s music

In this short article I would like to explore how to access Spotify data with the help of spotifyr-package and which various interesting opportunities it provides. The following explorative analysis is of relevance for music industry professionals, music analysts as well as music lovers.

Short summary

The article is structured as follows: firstly, the basic packages are downloaded and Spotify data is accessed, then the explorative analysis is focused on the visualization of some music features and lyrics based on Lorde’s music.

Downloading packages

To access Spotify API, additional packages need to be downloaded. Notice that package spotifyr has been removed from CRAN recently…

Vladyslav Kushnir

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